Monday, August 26, 2013


Now that summer is approaching, Crussh is the book that you want to have. It has delicious recipes to make juices, smoothies and boosters, and the book is packed with nutrition and flavor. Based on recipes from the fresh juice and smoothie shop that is popular in the United Kingdom, Crussh is packed with original, and easy (but good-for-you) blends. The recipes can be made with a juicer or traditional or high-powered blender, and has loads of information about all the nutrients and ingredients that you want to try to incorporate into these great drinks. Blends like Love Juice, Simple Morning Juice, Strawberry & Mango Juice, and Pomelo Tango are delicious and easy to make. Watermelon Refresher, Guava Thai, Veggie Invigorator, Honeydew & Cucumber, Peachy Roast Smoothie, and Postachio Cacao Smoothie are all wonderful options for cooling of during the peak of the summer heat. Honestly, there is not a bad recipe in this book – it is packed with delicious suggestions, easy directions, and loads of inspiration. If you only buy one recipe book this season, make it Crussh – you will be thrilled by the fresh fruit and veggie blends all summer long.

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